Our story

Hey everyone! My name is Jessica and I am the owner and creator of Lilikoi Beauty. I wanted to write about the inception of Lilikoi Beauty and what our goals and values are.

The story of Lilikoi Beauty first started when I was in High School, I had very sensitive skin which was prone to redness and breakouts. I tried every product i could find in convenience stores and from big brands but nothing seemed to help. After spending some time reading online I decided to give my skin a break from all the products I was using and chose to use specific ingredients to help my skin. I used African black shop as a cleanser, Witch hazel as toner, and coconut oil as a moisturizer. Every week I would apply honey mixed with tea leaves on my face as a mask, and that was it. Those were all the products I used for a long time. 

Fast forward about 3 years I finally felt like my face was ready to use some skincare products. I had a few necessities on my list for what I would use

  1. Vegan certified 2. Fragrance free (artificial & natural) 3. Essential oil free 4. No silicones, sulfates, dyes, alcohol or Mica. 5. Affordable but still had beautiful packaging. 6. Easy to apply and quick to absorb! I used mango butter by itself as a body cream and it was always a task to get it to spread and then waiting 20 minutes for it to absorb, not fun. 

I thought these were simple requests for skincare, nothing too special but I was actually shocked I couldn’t find any products that met my standards.

I really could not find a moisturizer that was vegan, free from added fragrance, dyes, silicones, alcohol, and left my skin feeling silky soft without any greasy or tacky feeling. I couldn't find any products like this that catered to those who have sensitive dry skin but also prone to breakouts. There aren’t many products targeted for those concerns, shockingly, also without costing a day’s worth of pay. 

The idea of bringing my own moisturizer to life and creating a skincare brand started to marinate in my mind. I started writing everything down that I would want my brand to be from the image, to the colors, the ingredients, and what I wanted the moisturizer to feel like, and what I wanted the customer to experience. I also needed a name to fit.

Lilikoi is the Hawaiian name for passionfruit. Back in 2015 I did a vegan cleanse and started eating lots of fresh fruit and when looking up recipes for delicious smoothies I came across a vegan YouTuber from Hawaii (Ellen Fisher, I love her videos!). Frequently she added Lilikoi to her smoothie recipes. The fruit was beautiful, textured, and sweet, but unlike any other food I’ve ever seen.

I quickly got my hands on it and became obsessed. I love the color, taste, name and story of the fruit. 

When naming my brand I couldn’t stop thinking that “Lilikoi” perfectly embodied what I wanted my brand to be. Tropical, exotic, beautiful, vibrant, and creates a totally unique experience for the consumer.

If you have never eaten a Lilikoi(passionfruit) I suggest you get your hands on a few ripe ones! They are incredible. 

I finally had the name, Lilikoi Beauty. But now the moisturizer. I needed it be creamy and feel expensive but be affordable, have no added fragrance, but not smell like chemicals. I wanted it to feel like you just discovered and opened a box of the most amazing luxuriously whipped tropical face cream, an experience that would be memorable and bring you feelings of happiness and indulgence every time you use it.

The idea of Plush Cream came from this. I knew what I wanted the end result to be and backtracked from there. I started researching and choosing which ingredients would be the perfect blend of thick and creamy but lightweight on the skin and still leave a natural glow without feeling greasy or like there is a film of product left on your skin.

Mango Butter, Passionfruit oil, Watermelon extract, Jojoba seed oil, Dragon fruit extract and Sodium Hyaluronate all come together in a perfect blend of antioxidants and skin plumping fatty acids to give your skin the nourishment it deserves. 

I am so proud of Plush Cream for being, what I believe to be, the perfect moisturizer. I don’t believe in a “one size fits all” approach for skin care since there are so many different skin types, beyond oily/combo and acne-prone/sensitive. I believe Plush Cream is PERFECT for you if you are on the drier side or your skin is prone to redness, clogged pores, and acne. 

I hope Plush Cream can take your self love and self care routine to an even better level, and always make you happy and leave you glowing.  

  • Jessica Goldstein Owner of LILIKOI BEAUTY 

Our skincare is made without fragranceartificial dyes, dimethicone, carrageenan, parabens, phthalates, sulfates, mineral oils, micro-beads, and comedogenic ingredients. We also donate to Human Rights Watch which is an organization that works to protect those who are at a high risk for human rights violations all across the world.

If you are not a fan of scented skincare then Lilikoi Beauty is perfect for you. We do not use any artificial, natural fragrances, or essential oils. Our plant butters and fruit extracts provide an initial subtle scent that is comparable to Mango Butter, this natural scent is undetectable on the skin.